An authentic Yucatán meal layers flavors, textures, and complex chile spice. To give all foods that delicious touch of fire, Chef Mateo has created his own collection of hot sauces.


  • homegrown Sonoma County chilies
  • farmed and harvested by hand
  • crafted and hand-bottled all-natural recipes in small batches

With four distinct sauces, each blend offers its own unique taste profile and heat level. The base is simple, celebrating premium ingredients such as:

  • farmer’s market-fresh carrot and onion
  • Preston Vineyards’ olive oil and white vinegar

But Chef Mateo amps up the intensity from a mild kick to scorching, celebrating his selected chiles’ signature flavors. 

The salsas add extra personality to any dish, from breakfast eggs to soups, to tacos, to juicy grilled meats, and they aren’t your everyday hot sauces — their rich flavors enhance rather than overpower even the most delicate foods. Use them as a condiment, as a “secret ingredient” to your favorite recipes, or as a flavorful dip with cool cheeses like mozzarella balls finished with a pinch of sea salt.

Amarillo Rostizado
These late harvest “last pick” chiles celebrate the ripest, most robust habaneros, and therefore, the hottest of the bunch. Hold on for some serious spice, but also magically exotic notes of Mandarin orange and clove. Surprise yourself with how well this sauce adds life and layers to classic favorites like mac –n-cheese and sweet BBQ ribs.
Mayan Habanero
The original sauce, based on Mateo’s mother Delmi’s recipe. A rich golden-ochre color, made from peak-of-the-season peppers and crisp, fresh carrots. Flavors remind of bright yellow lemon and plum, with tangy high notes. Serving recommendations include ceviche and other tropical dishes.
This first-pick-of-the-season habanero comes when Mateo thins the crop of green peppers among the ripening yellow chiles. The delicate fruits are combined with onion, garlic, vinegar and olive oil flash-roasted in a drum, resulting in a bright, beautiful sauce showing kefir lime, blossoms, and Gravenstein apple. It adds a lovely spicy-floral accent to eggs, chorizo, cheeses, and salads.
Deep and dark, showcasing habaneros smoked in traditional Yucatán style over local oak, sweetened ever-so-slightly with local carrots and Preston Olive oil. This savory sauce has a subtle smoky flavor with hints of tamarind and tropical ripe mango. Best served with meats and wild game roasted medium rare, plus natural fat or cool cheeses.

Please add 4 bottles for a minimum order.

All sauces are 5 ounces, 148 ml

Always shake sauces before using, and please store at a cool temperature.

Shipped via USPS — Please contact us directly for expedited services.

A 9% sales tax will apply to all shipments within California.

Where to Find Sauces in Stores

EL YUCA SAUCES are available at select retailers throughout the Bay Area. Find them at:

Mateo’s Cocina Latina
214 Healdsburg Avenue
Oliver’s Market
Windsor, Santa Rosa
Shelton’s Natural Foods Market
Big John’s Market
Oakville Grocery
Healdsburg & Napa
Rainbow Grocery
1745 Folsom Street, San Francisco
Bi-Rite Market
3639 18th Street, San Francisco