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Featured in the Cooking Channel’s Unique Eats

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How One Pioneering Chef Became an Activist By Using the Whole Animal

by Taryn Phaneuf | Organic Auhority
Chef Mateo Granados knows everything about the delicious food he serves at Mateo’s Cocina Latina in Healdsburg, Calif. He forms close relationships with the Sonoma farmers that supply his ingredients. When they ask him what vegetables he needs, he tells them to grow what their soil best produces – he’ll plan his dishes around that. See article

Mateo’s Cocina Latina both soulful and modern

by Michael Bauer | San Francisco Chronicle
...after eight years on the road, he’s found a brick-and-mortar home on Healdsburg Avenue, where he’s cooking the type of soulful, modern Mexican food that the Bay Area has been missing. It’s a personal style you won’t find anywhere else... See review

Masterful Mexican

by Jeff Cox | Santa Rosa Press Democrat
You’ve heard the refrain: “Why doesn’t someone open a really good Mexican restaurant around here?” By really good, folks mean a place that goes beyond the usual tacos-burritos-enchiladas and captures some of the delectability that Mexican cuisine is capable of. Well, now someone has... See review

Mateo’s Mark

by Stett Holbrook | North Bay Bohemian
... Granados has created a one-of-a-kind brand of Mexican food that makes it a definite destination. There's nothing quite like it. See review

Salsa studies

by Josh Sens | San Francisco Magazine
Mateo’s Cocina Latina is a paean to its owner’s Yucatán past, sung in a wine country key ... pedigreed ingredients and deft preparation help underscore the nuances of the layered flavors, the contrasting textures, the interplay of sweet and heat. See review
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