Mateo's Cocina Latina

Farms & Purveyors

Mateo’s Cocina Latina uses the freshest, sustainably grown produce, meats and dairy products available. We are proud to include the bounty of these local producers in just about everything we make.

Aloha Seafood
Black Sheep Farm
Dry Creek Peach & Produce
Farmer Ben
Foppiano Vineyards
Front Porch
Golden Nectar Farm
Gradek Brothers
Green Star Farm
Jones Family Farm
Kachina Vineyards
La Bonne Terre
Laguna Farm
MIX Garden
Mountain Made Farm
New Family Farm
Olio di Gio
Pelligrini Farm
Preston of Dry Creek
Progressive Pastures
Puma Springs
Rancho Gordo
Ridgeview Farm
Russian River
Six Oak Farm
Soda Rock Farm
The Patch
Twinkler Farm
Two X Sea
White Crane Springs

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